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Canberra and Australia

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Australian country singer Eric Bogle and his team singing at the Citizenship Ceremony in Canberra [Image:]
26 Jan 2015 MP3
Australia Day citizenship ceremony in Canberra and upcoming events of the Association and Mother Language Committee [Ehsan Ullah]
A view of the Canberra southern suburb of Gordon [Photo: Ehsan Ullah]
10 Jul 2017 MP3
Series: The evolution of 'Bangalee Settlement' in Canberra, Australia (Part 5 of 5) [Ehsan Ullah]
Kangaroos at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, Canberra [Photo: Dr. Tanvir Hossain]
11 Nov 2019 MP3
Experience and observations from Canberra visit - Ms. Tahmina Rahman [Zaheen Rahman]
Australia Day - A brief history [Image: Hulton Archive/Getty Images]
27 Jan 2020 MP3
Commemoration: Australia Day - a brief history of the day and celebration [Adiba Ahmed]
Canberra Bushfire - January 2020 (Special presentation) [Photo: Dr. Tanvir Hossain]
03 Feb 2020 MP3
The bushfire emergency situation in Canberra during 27 Jan - 2 Feb 2020 [Ehsan Ullah]
Canberra Bushfire - January 2020 : Passing Over and Experience [Photo: Dr. Tanvir Hossain]
10 Feb 2020 MP3
Canberra Bushfire - January 2020 : Passing Over and Experience [Ehsan Ullah]
Happy Canberra Day 2020 - Happy Womens Day 2020 [Image:]
09 Mar 2020 MP3
Commemoration: International Women's Day and Canberra Day - a brief history of the days and their celebration [Adnin Zahid and Adiba Ahmed]