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17 Jan 2005 MP3
Interview of some young Bangladeshis about their knowledge of Bangladesh's liberation war [Ehsan Ullah]
21 Feb 2005 MP3
Commemorating '21 February - Bhasha Shaheed Dibash' - history, poetry and songs [Avijit Sarker]
21 Mar 2005 MP3
An informal discussion - how to teach expatriate children the (real) history of Bangladesh [Ehsan Ullah]
22 Aug 2005 MP3
Features: Bangladeshi women in professional careers, and the century old ancient trees of Bangladesh [Shireen Ahmad]
29 Aug 2005 MP3
Feature: 'Pathor Nagory' - ancient ruins in Jagdal, near Naogaon, in Northern Bangladesh [Shireen Ahmad]
03 Apr 2006 MP3
Interview (in Bangla) with Canberra’s Barry Ison – a Bangladeshi - in heart and residence [Sadequr Rahman]
21 Aug 2006 MP3
Short story written by Bonoful and a beautiful tourist spot in Jakiganj near Sylhet in north-eastern Bangladesh [Shireen Ahmad]
18 Sep 2006 MP3
Features: ‘Bandarban’ – tourist destination in Bangladesh and Dhaka metropolis in the eye of foreigners [Shireen Ahmad]
30 Oct 2006 MP3
Remembering Sher-e-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Hauque on his 133rd birth anniversary - biography and achievements [Badiuzzaman Khan]
06 Nov 2006 MP3
Remembering Nur Hossain - martyr of 1987 civil unrest, poetry 'Shadhinota' and story 'khela' by Humayun Ahmed [Murshed Haider]
18 Dec 2006 MP3
Two graphic memoirs of the liberation war in commemorating the Victory Day of Bangladesh on 16th December [Ehsan Ullah]
19 Feb 2007 MP3
Words on 21st February 'bhasha shaheed dibosh' and a short story 'prothom shikhok' by Dr. Muhammed Zafar Iqbal [Murshed Haider]
26 Feb 2007 MP3
Remembering Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and a letter from our Bangladeshi listener Mr. Masuduzzaman [Sadequr Rahman]
26 Mar 2007 MP3
Independence Day of Bangladesh - poem, reconciliation, letters and future [Sadequr Rahman]
30 Jul 2007 MP3
Tribute to Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani - his role and contributions in Bangladesh's liberation [Badiuzzaman Khan]
10 Sep 2007 MP3
Tribute to Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah - his life sketch, works and contributions in Bangladesh's liberation [Badiuzzaman Khan]
26 Nov 2007 MP3
Views of Bangladesh's liberation war by Major General (Retd) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim, Bir Protik, in Canberra [Bina D'Costa]
24 Mar 2008 MP3
Tribute to Bir Protik William A. S. Ouderland - Bangladesh's proud freedom fighter and memories of liberation war [Ehsan Ullah]
07 Apr 2008 MP3
Stories - archeology from Bogra, orphanage from Pan Chhori and tea plantation workers from Sylhet in Bangladesh [Shireen Ahmad]
14 Apr 2008 MP3
Bangla New Year celebration by the Chakma expatriates living in Adelaide and Melbourne: highlighting the 'biju' festival [Bina D'Costa]
05 May 2008 MP3
(1) A joint petroleum reservoir in the SAARC region (2) Kanak Raja's palace, and (3) Sheikh Farid's 'Dorgah' [Shireen Ahmad]
09 Jun 2008 MP3
Interview: Issues of IT industry and profession in Bangladesh - Dr. Mohammad Kaykobad from BUET Bangladesh [Sadequr Rahman]
30 Jun 2008 MP3
Life and achievement of (1) Dr. Mohammad Qudrat-i-Khuda and (2) Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose [Badiuzzaman Khan]
14 Jul 2008 MP3
(1) Story of Abu Zar Gifary (ra) becoming a muslim, and (2) history of Dorshona in Chuadanga, Bangladesh [Shireen Ahmad]
17 Nov 2008 MP3
Tribute to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (part 1) - father of the nation of Bangladesh: his biography and political career [Badiuzzaman Khan]
15 Dec 2008 MP3
Tribute to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (part 2) - father of the nation of Bangladesh: his biography and political career [Badiuzzaman Khan]
23 Feb 2009 MP3
Bhasha Shaheed Dibosh 2009: (1) history of Shaheed Minar, (2) poem 'amader maa', and (3) collection of songs [Murshed Haider]
02 Mar 2009 MP3
Feature: 'ekjon probashir chokhey 2009 shaler february mash' - 'the Month of February in 2009 in the Eye of an Expatriate' [Ehsan Ullah]
09 Mar 2009 MP3
(1) BDR HQ mutiny investigations, (2) 'war crime' in history, and (3) attempts of trial of war criminals in Bangladesh [Badiuzzaman Khan]
29 Jun 2009 MP3
Interview: Prof. Willem van Schendel, University of Amsterdam, on his new book - 'A History of Bangladesh' [Bina D'Costa]
02 Nov 2009 MP3
Lecture: 'bangalit-to: otit, bortoman o bhobish-shot' - by Professor Anisuzzaman, Dhaka University, Bangladesh [Sadequr Rahman]
09 Nov 2009 MP3
Lecture: 'bangalit-to: otit, bortoman o bhobish-shot' - by Professor Dipesh Chakrabarty, Chicago University, USA [Sadequr Rahman]
21 Dec 2009 MP3
Songs from the Liberation war of Bangladesh, sung by different artistes [Obaidul Haque].
25 Jan 2010 MP3
Remembering Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose (1897-1945) - a leader in the Indian independence movement [Badiuzzaman Khan]
22 Feb 2010 MP3
Language Martyr's Day in Canberra and interview with Mr. Raquib ud Dowla, a leader of the 21st Feb 1952 procession [Ehsan Ullah]
20 Sep 2010 MP3
Interview: Prof Nurul H. Choudhury - change in the 19th century Bengal and the rise of a "Muslim middle-class" [Sadequr Rahman]
13 Dec 2010 MP3
History of independence of Bangladesh and the significance of the Victory Day for the new generation Bangladeshis [Raquibul Sheikh]
20 Dec 2010 MP3
An introduction to Shadheen Bangla Betar Kendra and its role during the liberation war of Bangladesh [Shamsuddin Shafi Biplob]
31 Jan 2011 MP3
'ekusher chetona o bhasha andoloner itihash' - composition on the history of Bangla Language Movement [Shamsuddin Shafi Biplob]
21 Feb 2011 MP3
Interview: Dr. Muhammed Zafar Iqbal, Bangladeshi writer and educationist - Bangladesh, people and expatriates [Shrabani Paul]
25 Jul 2011 MP3
Interview: Architect Mizanur Rashid - architectural heritage of the ruins of Sompur Mahavihara at Paharpur, Bangladesh [Sheikh Lana]
16 Jan 2012 MP3
Architectural heritage of Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka, Bangladesh - unique example of Moghul Architecture in Bengal [Sheikh Lana]
13 Feb 2012 MP3
Discussion on Liberation War of Bangladesh and Australian 'Bir Protik' Mr. W.A.S. Ouderland [Ajoy Kar]
On this day in 1971, the Pakistani Army surrendered to the Indo-Bangladeshi High Command in Dhaka, ending the 9 month-long Bangladesh Liberation War.
17 Dec 2012 MP3
A historical background of the independence of Bangladesh compiled from articles of popular journalists [Newton Muhury]
'Muktir Gaan' - Song of Freedom  [Image: Cover from documentary film 'Muktir Gaan']
18 Feb 2013 MP3
Evolution of Bangla nationalist songs over the last two centuries shaped by history, country and people [Dalia Nilufar]
Bahadur Shah Zafar II (1775-1862) - the last Mughal Emperor of India [Image:]
25 Mar 2013 MP3
Commemoration: 42nd Independence Day of Bangladesh - importance of economic idependence [Sadequr Rahman]
'bhasha boichitrer bangladesh' - The diverse dialects of Bangladesh
13 May 2013 MP3
Composition of songs and conversation representing some regional spoken dialects of Bangladesh [Dalia Nilufar]
Mr. Sanjeeb Drong, the General Secretary of Bangladesh Indigenous Peoples' Forum [Photo:]
11 Nov 2013 MP3
Interview: Mr. Sanjeeb Drong - the state of the indigenous people living in Bangladesh today [Obaidul Haque]
The National Martyrs' Memorial near Dhaka dedicated to the martyrs of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 [Image:]
16 Dec 2013 MP3
Interview: Professor Emeritus Anisuzzaman - Spirit of the liberation war and its achievements [Obaidul Haque]
17 Feb 2014 MP3
Tribute to the language martyrs of Bangladesh who sacrificed their lives on the 21st of February 1952 at Dhaka [Rajib Paul]
Poster of the 'Mother Language Day Walk'
24 Feb 2014 MP3
Coverage of the 'Mother Language Day Walk' held on Friday 21 February 2014 in Canberra [Sheikh Lana]
Shahid Minar on 21st February
03 Mar 2014 MP3
Practicing 'Bangla' language, culture and heritage among young children in Canberra [Paromita Dey]
10 Mar 2014 MP3
Homage to the fallen Army officers massacred by the Bangladesh border guards in Dhaka five years ago [Ehsan Ullah]
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman addressing a rally in Dhaka immediately upon his return to the newly independent Bangladesh after nine months of detention in Pakistan [Photo:]
31 Mar 2014 MP3
Commemoration: 43rd Independence Day of Bangladesh - a brief history of independence [Shamsuddin Shafi]
Interview: Professor Abul Quasem Fazlul Huq, Dhaka University, on state, politics and religion
21 Apr 2014 MP3
Interview: Professor Abul Quasem Fazlul Huq, Dhaka University, on state, politics and religion [Obaidul Haque]
The 1971 Bangladesh Mission in Washington DC (Ambassador Syed Muazzem Ali is the third from the right standing) [Photo:]
15 Dec 2014 MP3
Interview: Ambassador Syed Muazzem Ali - defectors in Pakistan Mission in Washington DC to support the liberation war [Obaidul Haque]
The natural beauty of Bangladesh [Photo:]
12 Jan 2015 MP3
Interview: Photographer Mikey Leung - Positive Light to empower Bangladeshi people through sustainable tourism [Ehsan Ullah]
About Bangladesh's independence and liberation - Prof. Serajul Islam Choudhury [Image:]
23 Mar 2015 MP3
Viewpoint: Prof. Serajul Islam Choudhury: About Bangladesh's independence and liberation [Obaidul Haque]
ADFA band at the Bangladesh's Independence Day function in Canberra [Photo: Ehsan Ullah]
30 Mar 2015 MP3
'Muktijoddhar Chithi' - letters from the freedom fighters during Bangladesh's liberation war [Rumana Jamaly]
Welcome (to Bangladesh) Chhitmahalbashi [Image:]
10 Aug 2015 MP3
Report: Historic land swap eliminating the India-Bangladesh enclaves, known as Chhitmahals [Zaheen Rahman]
Nasir Ali Mamun - 'The Poet of the Camera' [Photo: Nasir Ali Mamun]
31 Aug 2015 MP3
Interview: Pioneering portrait photography in Bangladesh - photographer Nasir Ali Mamun [Obaidul Haque]
Father of the nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman among the artists of Bangladesh Betar [Photo: Lutfar Rahman]
14 Dec 2015 MP3
Special presentation: Role of Bangladesh Betar during the liberation war - Mazharul Islam [Obaidul Haque]
Two Mohurs - coins of the East India Company [Image:]
25 Jan 2016 MP3
Story of the East India Company from a school boy's perspective [Ehsan Ullah]
Meeting to defy 'Section 144' on 21 February 1952 that unfolded the historic events [Photo: Prof. Rafiqul Islam -]
22 Feb 2016 MP3
Professor Anisuzzaman: Life and work of Bengali language activist Justice Muhammad Habibur Rahman [Obaidul Haque]
Role of Bangladesh Betar in the liberation war [Photo:]
28 Mar 2016 MP3
Special presentation: The history and role of Bangladesh Betar in the liberation war of Bangladesh [Shamsuddin Shafi]
History and significance of the celebrations of Bangla New Year - poet Asad Chowdhury [Image:]
11 Apr 2016 MP3
Interview: Poet Asad Chowdhury - History and significance of the celebrations of Bangla New Year [Obaidul Haque]
Humayun Ahmed - Ekti chhoto golper nam (13 Nov 1948 - 19 Jul 2012) [Image: Tasneem Rahman]
25 Jul 2016 MP3
Tribute: Humayun Ahmed (1948-2012) - the greatest storyteller Bangladesh ever had on his fourth death anniversary [Tasneem Rahman]
Multinational Bangladesh - Interview of anthropologist Professor Prashanta Tripura [Image:]
01 Aug 2016 MP3
Interview: Professor Prashanta Tripura - the importance and recognition of a multinational Bangladesh [Obaidul Haque]
Farewel poet Shahid Qadri (1942-2016) [Image:]
19 Sep 2016 MP3
Tribute to Shahid Qadri - the Bengali poet of urbanism and modernity who died on 28 August 2016 [Shamsuddin Shafi]
‘Jaago Bahe Konthe Shobai’ - Tribute to writer Syed Shamsul Haque (27 Dec 1935 - 27 Sep 2016) [Image: Tasneem Rahman]
03 Oct 2016 MP3
Tribute to Syed Shamsul Haque - Bangladeshi poet, lyricist and writer who died on 27 September 2016 [Tasneem Rahman]
The National Martyrs' Memorial of Bangladesh and its architect Syed Mainul Hossain [Photo:]
19 Dec 2016 MP3
Two features on Victory Day of Bangladesh published in Bangladesh daily Prothom Alo [Ehsan Ullah]
Cadets prepare for parade at the 50th Anniversary celebration of Rajshahi Cadet College (12 March 2016) [Photo: Ehsan Ullah]
09 Jan 2017 MP3
Memories of Cadet colleges in Bangladesh (Part 1 of 3) [Ehsan Ullah]
The liberation war through poems [Image:]
27 Mar 2017 MP3
Commemoration: Bangladesh's 47th Independence Day on 26 March 2017 through poems [Shampa Barua]
If you remember me on a rainy night - In memory of Kamal Dasgupta and Feroza Begum [Images: Internet]
24 Jul 2017 MP3
Tribute: Legendary music personalities: Dr. Kamal Dasgupta and Ms. Feroza Begum [Shampa Barua]
Caption: 'Boshonto Boron' - Welcoming Spring [Image: Colors of life | Syful Rony | Flickr]
21 Aug 2017 MP3
The history and evolution of the celebration of Spring arrival in Bengal [Shamsuddin Shafi Biplob]
'Bistirno Duparey' - Canberra fund raising concert for the flood affected people of Bangladesh (Part 2) [Image:]
25 Sep 2017 MP3
Coverage: Canberra fund raising concert 'Bistirno Duparey' for the recent flood affected people of Bangladesh (Part 2) [Shamsuddin Shafi Biplob]
Poems of liberation [Image: Rayerbazar Boddho Bhumi/Rashid Talukder in 1971]
20 Nov 2017 MP3
A collection of poems 'Muktir Kobita' on the theme of Bangladesh's liberation war [Shamsuddin Shafi]
The Victory Day of Bangladesh [Image credit: Akter]
18 Dec 2017 MP3
Commemoration: 47th Victory Day of Bangladesh - songs and poem [Sheikh Lana]
Megacity Dhaka and I [Photo: Bengal Classical Music Festival 2017/]
01 Jan 2018 MP3
An expatriate's search for Dhaka as it was four decades ago [Ehsan Ullah]
'Amar Bhaiyer Rokte Rangano Ekushe February Ami Ki Bhulite Pari?' [Image: flikr/Sadat Mainuddin]
19 Feb 2018 MP3
Significance of the Language Martyrs' Day and activities to observe the day in Canberra [Sheikh Lana]
47th Independence Day of Bangladesh - War babies of 1971 are the first citizens of Bangladesh [Image:]
26 Mar 2018 MP3
Commemoration: 47th Independence Day of Bangladesh - the odyssey of the War-babies of 1971 and their endless search for their roots [Shampa Barua]
Friends (L-R) Harry Thompson and Sami Chaudhury during their recent visit to Bangladesh [Photo: Tulip Chaudhury]
02 Apr 2018 MP3
New generation's voice: A young Australian’s first visit to Bangladesh and his experiences [Adiba Ahmed]
Poetry - History of institutional recitation practices in Bangladesh and its role in reforming the society [Image:]
08 Oct 2018 MP3
A composition of Bangla poetry recitation highlighting the history of institutional recitation practices in Bangladesh [Shamsuddin Shafi]
Our tribute on the Language Martyrs Day [Image: Statue of the language martyrs at Bangla Academy grounds in Dhaka, Bangladesh |]
18 Feb 2019 MP3
Commemoration: 'Language Martyrs Day' - to be celebrated on 21st February in Canberra and around the globe [Shampa Barua]
Observance of the 'Language Martyrs Day' in Canberra [Image: Bangla Radio Canberra]
25 Feb 2019 MP3
Commemoration: 'Language Martyrs Day' - Recording from the function held at the Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra [Raquibul Sheikh]
International Mother Language Day 2019 - Language Walk in Canberra [Photo: Ziaul Hoque Bablu]
11 Mar 2019 MP3
Coverage: International Mother Language Day 2019 - Language Walk in Canberra [Adiba Ahmed]
Concert for Bangladesh: First-ever benefit rock show held at Madison Square Garden in New York City [Image:]
25 Mar 2019 MP3
Commemoration: 48th Independence Day of Bangladesh - contribution of Bengali expatriates towards the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 [Shampa Barua]
'Banglar Chaitra Shongkranti o Boishakhi Mela' [Photo: Ehsan Ullah]
15 Apr 2019 MP3
Commemoration: Bangla New Year 1426 - The origin of the celebration of 'Chaitra Shongkranti' and 'Boishakhi Mela' [Shamsuddin Shafi Biplob]
The history of Bangladesh's Victory Day [Photo: Khan]
16 Dec 2019 MP3
New generation's voice: The history behind the celebration of Victory Day of Bangladesh [Adnin Zahid and Adiba Ahmed]