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19 Mar 2007 MP3
Features - history of 'Canberra Day' celebration and story of Tazmira from Hasnabad, India [Ehsan Ullah]
17 Sep 2007 MP3
Story of an early muslim settler as told by Hanifa Deen describing the history of her Punjabi forefathers [Sadequr Rahman]
04 Feb 2008 MP3
(1) Australian aboriginal people: history, culture and their stolen generation and (2) education opportunities in Australia [Ehsan Ullah]
03 Mar 2008 MP3
National Apology to the aboriginal 'stolen generations' at the Australian Parliament on 13 February 2008 [Ehsan Ullah]
01 Dec 2008 MP3
Stories of Australian life and country - people, jokes and a memorable bus trip from Canberra to Narooma [Ehsan Ullah]
05 Oct 2009 MP3
A collection of Australian aboriginal music - from different parts of Australia and the Pacific [Obaidul Haque]
01 Feb 2010 MP3
‘Australia Day’ celebrated 26 January - history, significance, awards and a selection of Australian patriotic songs [Obaidul Haque]
19 Apr 2010 MP3
(1) Invitation to Canberra Boishakhi Mela 1417, and (2) an introduction to Australian folk music [Ehsan Ullah]
02 Aug 2010 MP3
A collection of beautiful traditional and contemporary songs from the Torres Strait Islands [Obaidul Haque]
16 Aug 2010 MP3
Interviews: (1) Friendship Day - meaning of 'friendship', and (2) Federal Election 2010 - policies and promises [Shamsuddin Shafi]
30 Jan 2012 MP3
A selection of Australian country songs and jokes to commemorate the Australia Day celebrated on 26 January [Ehsan Ullah]
27 Aug 2012 MP3
Discussion: Australia's unemployed population and the effectiveness of its current income support system [Ajoy Kar]
The Australian Parliament House in Canberra [Photo:]
11 Feb 2013 MP3
Series: Canberra 100 years - The purpose, setting, character and symbolism of Australia's national capital to Australians [Zaheen Rahman]
Poster: Canberra Country Music Festival (15-17 Nov 2013) [Info:]
22 Apr 2013 MP3
A selection of Australian country songs highlighting the Australian cultural heritage [Obaidul Haque]
Aboriginal rock art  [Image:]
03 Jun 2013 MP3
Love songs of the Iwaidja speaking Australian aborigines from the Northwestern Arnhem Land [Obaidul Haque]
Australia Day 2014
27 Jan 2014 MP3
History and celebration of Australia Day and interview with Bangladeshi singer Nakib Khan [Raquibul Sheikh]
Australian country singer Eric Bogle and his team singing at the Citizenship Ceremony in Canberra [Image:]
26 Jan 2015 MP3
Australia Day citizenship ceremony in Canberra and upcoming events of the Association and Mother Language Committee [Ehsan Ullah]
Two Mohurs - coins of the East India Company [Image:]
25 Jan 2016 MP3
Story of the East India Company from a school boy's perspective [Ehsan Ullah]
Lest We Forget - ANZAC DAY - April 25th [Image: Australian War Memorial]
24 Apr 2017 MP3
Commemoration: ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand through songs and poem [Zaheen Rahman]
A painting showing Captain James Cook (1728 - 1779) taking possession of New South Wales, Australia [Souce: Images]
05 Jun 2017 MP3
Stories of discovery: (1) discovery of Australia by Captain James Cook, (2) discovery by astrophysicist Prof Brian Schmidt [Tanvir Hossain]
Australian singer, songwriter and actress Jessica Hilda Mauboy [Image:]
09 Jul 2018 MP3
A selection of younger generation's favourite songs by the Australian artists [Adiba Ahmed]
World renowned Indigenous Australian singer Dr. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu [Image:]
16 Jul 2018 MP3
Tribute to Indigenous Australian singer Dr. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu (1971-2017) [Ehsan Ullah]
Australia Day fireworks [Image:]
28 Jan 2019 MP3
Commemoration: Australia Day - the celebration, date debate and views of contemporary Australia [Adnin Zahid and Adiba Ahmed]
'Ek-i Ma-er Taney' - The story of Anglo-Indians in Australia [Image: Asansol railway station/Wikipedia]
28 Oct 2019 MP3
The story of Anglo-Indians in Australia and their search for a new home [Ehsan Ullah]
Welcome 2020 [Image: Photo by Matthew Abbott for the New York Times]
06 Jan 2020 MP3
Welcome 2020 - The massive Australian bushfires to begin with [Ehsan Ullah]
Australia Day - A brief history [Image: Hulton Archive/Getty Images]
27 Jan 2020 MP3
Commemoration: Australia Day - a brief history of the day and celebration [Adiba Ahmed]
Happy Canberra Day 2020 - Happy Womens Day 2020 [Image:]
09 Mar 2020 MP3
Commemoration: International Women's Day and Canberra Day - a brief history of the days and their celebration [Adnin Zahid and Adiba Ahmed]