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Canberra and Australia

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Australian country singer Eric Bogle and his team singing at the Citizenship Ceremony in Canberra [Image:]
26 Jan 2015 MP3

This week's program commemorated the - 'Australia Day 2015' - the official national day of Australia celebrated on 26 January to mark the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson in New South Wales, and raising of the Flag of Great Britain. It presented part of the Citizenship Ceremony held in Canberra from a recording of nationwide telecast by TV channel ABC. It also presented interviews with Mr. Shafiq Ahmed Rana and Mr. Ziaul Huq Bablu to highlight the upcoming events of the Bangladesh Australia Association Canberra and the International Mother Language Movement Committee in Canberra. This week's program was produced and presented by Ehsan Ullah.

A view of the Canberra southern suburb of Gordon [Photo: Ehsan Ullah]
10 Jul 2017 MP3

This week's program presented Part 5 (Final) of a series on the evolution of - 'bangalee settlement' - in Canberra, the national capital of Australia. The population of the Bangalee community grew from a few families to about four thousand in the past five decades. It is now a well-established and highly regarded community in Canberra. This series captured the life and story of the early settlers to present day - their commitment, dedication and experience in building the community. This week's program was produced and presented by Ehsan Ullah.