Bangla Radio Archive - 2010

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04 Jan 2010 MP3
Radio drama: 'robibar' (part 1) - based on a short story by poet Rabindranath Thakur [Ehsan Ullah]
11 Jan 2010 MP3
(1) Recitation of Tagore poem 'mone pora', and (2) Micro drama 'shomoshya' based on Canberra social life [Sadequr Rahman]
18 Jan 2010 MP3
Interviews: Climate Change and Bangladesh - (1) Dr. Saleemul Huq, and (2) H.E. Lieut. General Masud Uddin Chowdhury [Ajoy Kar]
25 Jan 2010 MP3
Remembering Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose (1897-1945) - a leader in the Indian independence movement [Badiuzzaman Khan]
01 Feb 2010 MP3
‘Australia Day’ celebrated 26 January - history, significance, awards and a selection of Australian patriotic songs [Obaidul Haque]
08 Feb 2010 MP3
Radio drama: 'robibar' (part 2) - based on a short story by poet Rabindranath Thakur [Ehsan Ullah]
15 Feb 2010 MP3
Interviews: (1) Mr. S. M. Zakaria Hoq, (2) Dr. Zamir Hossain, and (3) Dr. Moyazur Rahman [Shamsuddin Shafi]
22 Feb 2010 MP3
Language Martyr's Day in Canberra and interview with Mr. Raquib ud Dowla, a leader of the 21st Feb 1952 procession [Ehsan Ullah]
01 Mar 2010 MP3
(1) 'ekushey boi mela', (2) diary of Tajuddin Ahmed, and (3) 'mata, matri-bhasha o matri-bhumi' by Dr. Md. Zafar Iqbal [Murshed Haider]
08 Mar 2010 MP3
(1) discussion - impact of global financial crisis in Bangladesh, and (2) Interview - Speaker Mr. Abdul Hamid MP Bangladesh [Ajoy Kar]
15 Mar 2010 MP3
(1) interview - Mr. Mahmud Hossain Murad, Tea plantation in Bangladesh, and (2) 'ma-er kachhey mey-er chithi' [Ehsan Ullah]
22 Mar 2010 MP3
Tribute to Bangladesh's cultural icon and founder of Chhayanat Waheedul Haque on his third death anniversary [Sadequr Rahman]
29 Mar 2010 MP3
'' - a content rich Cricket website developed by Bangladeshi Cricket devotees in Canberra [Syed As-Sayeed]
05 Apr 2010 MP3
(1) Recitation of poem 'mayurpankhi', and (2) micro drama 'bhalobasha' based on a Canberra love story [Sadequr Rahman]
12 Apr 2010 MP3
(1) Interview - Ms. Zarina Hossain, Asian University for Women (AUW), and (2) health tips from Dr. Dalia Nilufar [Sakiba Rahman]
19 Apr 2010 MP3
(1) Invitation to Canberra Boishakhi Mela 1417, and (2) an introduction to Australian folk music [Ehsan Ullah]
26 Apr 2010 MP3
Views of expatriate's children: (1) Bangla New Year celebration, and (2) ANZAC Day remembrance in Australia [Raquibul Sheikh]
03 May 2010 MP3
(1) Dr. Dipen Bhattacharya - space and climate change, and (2) impacts of environmental pollution and its mitigation [Ajoy Kar]
10 May 2010 MP3
An 'adda' with three executive committee members of the Bangladesh Australia Association Canberra [Shamsuddin Shafi]
17 May 2010 MP3
Interview: Mr. Olav Muurlink - story of CO-ID and establishment of 45 primary schools in Bhola, Bangladesh [Borhanuddin Shafi]
24 May 2010 MP3
Commemoration: 'Buddha Purnima' - birth, enlightenment and death anniversary of Lord Buddha on 27th May 2010 [Obaidul Haque]
31 May 2010 MP3
Coverage of first reunion of the Dhaka University Alumni Association Canberra, held in Canberra on 15 May 2010 [Ehsan Ullah]
07 Jun 2010 MP3
Influence of death on life: (1) recitation of poem 'sharee', and (2) micro drama 'bismriti' [Sadequr Rahman]
14 Jun 2010 MP3
A selection of popular Bangla songs to complement the Queen's birthday long-weekend celebrated today in Canberra [Dalia Nilufar]
21 Jun 2010 MP3
World Environment Day - state of the environment of Bangladesh and observance of the day in Australia [Ajoy Kar]
28 Jun 2010 MP3
Interview: Mr. Lelung Khumi, the only graduate from Khumi tribe in Bangladesh, describing his people, life and struggle [Obaidul Haque]
05 Jul 2010 MP3
Interview: Raja Devasish Roy, the King of the Chakma people of Bangladesh taken during his recent visit to Australia [Bina D'Costa]
12 Jul 2010 MP3
'ekti shalik pakhi, shiter pitha ar kobita' - reflecting on the expatriates life in Canberra winter [Ehsan Ullah]
19 Jul 2010 MP3
(1) Discussion: impact of growth on Australian lifestyle, and (2) Interview: Prof. Bijon B Sarma on Sarma's Unified Script [Ajoy Kar]
26 Jul 2010 MP3
'moha-kobir moha-proyan' - tribute to legendary Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore on his 69th death anniversary [Rajib Paul]
02 Aug 2010 MP3
A collection of beautiful traditional and contemporary songs from the Torres Strait Islands [Obaidul Haque]
09 Aug 2010 MP3
Interview: Mr. Mohammad Ahsanullah - practice of 'fasting' during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan [Borhanuddin Shafi]
16 Aug 2010 MP3
Interviews: (1) Friendship Day - meaning of 'friendship', and (2) Federal Election 2010 - policies and promises [Shamsuddin Shafi]
23 Aug 2010 MP3
Decoding the genome sequence of jute in Bangladesh: Dr. Abed Chaudhury and Dr. Maksudul Alam [Ehsan Ullah]
30 Aug 2010 MP3
Interview: Advocate Tarana Halim - challenges of political and economic future of Bangladesh [Ajoy Kar]
06 Sep 2010 MP3
Significance of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and the holy night - 'Laylat-al-Qadr' or 'Shab-e-Qadr' [Raquibul Sheikh]
13 Sep 2010 MP3
(1) Canberra Islamic School (2) Queanbeyan Muslim community, and (3) recollection of childhood Eid memories [Dalia Nilufar]
20 Sep 2010 MP3
Interview: Prof Nurul H. Choudhury - change in the 19th century Bengal and the rise of a "Muslim middle-class" [Sadequr Rahman]
27 Sep 2010 MP3
Radio drama: 'shesher kobita' (part 1) - based on a novel by poet Rabindranath Thakur [Ehsan Ullah]
04 Oct 2010 MP3
Radio drama: 'shesher kobita' (part 2) - based on a novel by poet Rabindranath Thakur [Ehsan Ullah]
11 Oct 2010 MP3
Tribute to Bangladesh's legendary Baul singer and composer Shah Abdul Karim - his life and popular songs [Rajib Paul]
18 Oct 2010 MP3
Durga Puja - various aspects, history of celebration in Australia and how it add value to Australian society [Ajoy Kar]
25 Oct 2010 MP3
Interview: Minister of CHT Dipankar Talukder - events of Baghaichari Upazila and Bangladesh Government's responses [Bina D'Costa]
01 Nov 2010 MP3
Mystery micro-drama ‘chhoto apa’ - consisting of conversations between a restaurant manager and a chauffeur [Sadequr Rahman]
08 Nov 2010 MP3
Interviews: Two couple's experience of performing 'Hajj' - Habib and Dulu Rahman, and Mainul and Parveen Haque [Raquibul Sheikh]
15 Nov 2010 MP3
Interviews: Dr. Sarah Shannon and Prof. Altafunnessa - distribution of book ‘jekhane meyeder daktar nei’ [Sadequr Rahman]
22 Nov 2010 MP3
A selection of short stories on - 'Love' - collected from the Internet and two favourite love songs from Australia and US [Ehsan Ullah]
29 Nov 2010 MP3
Micro-drama: 'shurovi' - perception of life among two people representing two different generations [Sadequr Rahman]
06 Dec 2010 MP3
Interview: Mr. Santu Larma, Chief of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Sanghati Samity - state of peace in the region [Obaidul Haque]
13 Dec 2010 MP3
History of independence of Bangladesh and the significance of the Victory Day for the new generation Bangladeshis [Raquibul Sheikh]
20 Dec 2010 MP3
An introduction to Shadheen Bangla Betar Kendra and its role during the liberation war of Bangladesh [Shamsuddin Shafi Biplob]
27 Dec 2010 MP3
Christmas celebration: the birth of Jesus - readings from the Bible in Bangla and Christmas songs [Luna Purification]