Bangla Radio Archive - 2009

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05 Jan 2009 MP3
Welcomed the new year by presenting: (1) poem - 'maar kachhe phera' and (2) tribute to mother - 'mukh' [Murshed Haider]
12 Jan 2009 MP3
Bangla heritage in expatriate life: (1) 'borodiner jama' - by John Martin, and (2) interview of new comers to Canberra [Ehsan Ullah]
19 Jan 2009 MP3
Interview: Dr. Hanne-Ruth Thompson, Bangla teacher at the London University - fascination with Bangla language [Sadequr Rahman]
26 Jan 2009 MP3
Interviews: prominent singers of Bangladesh - mother and daughter - Suraiya Zaman and Sakiba Rahman Mitul [Dalia Nilufar]
02 Feb 2009 MP3
Canberra 'Shoroshoti Puja' - history, interview with organisers, and popular 'Puja' food recipe: 'niramish' and 'daal' [Avijeet Sarker]
09 Feb 2009 MP3
Welcomed the month of February by playing some Bangla songs selected by little Mona growing-up in Canberra [Shahadat Manik]
16 Feb 2009 MP3
Interviews: two distinguished Australians - (1) Mr. Fred Hyde, and (2) Mr. Chowdhury Sadaruddin [Borhanuddin Shafi]
23 Feb 2009 MP3
Bhasha Shaheed Dibosh 2009: (1) history of Shaheed Minar, (2) poem 'amader maa', and (3) collection of songs [Murshed Haider]
02 Mar 2009 MP3
Feature: 'ekjon probashir chokhey 2009 shaler february mash' - 'the Month of February in 2009 in the Eye of an Expatriate' [Ehsan Ullah]
09 Mar 2009 MP3
(1) BDR HQ mutiny investigations, (2) 'war crime' in history, and (3) attempts of trial of war criminals in Bangladesh [Badiuzzaman Khan]
16 Mar 2009 MP3
Radio drama: 'kancha roud' - written by Indian writer Protiva Boshu. Roles played by Partho Ghosh and Gouri Ghosh [Ehsan Ullah]
23 Mar 2009 MP3
Coverage of 'Omor Ekushe Gronthomela 2009' held at the Bangla Academy in Dhaka, Bangladesh (Part 1) [Ehsan Ullah]
30 Mar 2009 MP3
(1) Independence Day of Bangladesh, and (2) coverage of 'Omor Ekushe Gronthomela 2009' (Part 2) [Murshed Haider]
06 Apr 2009 MP3
(1) 'Earth Hour 2009' - observance and background, and (2) 'Canberra and Region Heritage Festival 09' [Obaidul Haque]
13 Apr 2009 MP3
Interview: Jyoti Rahman - expatriate's role and contribution towards fair and transparent election in Bangladesh [Sadequr Rahman]
20 Apr 2009 MP3
Coverage of the wedding reception of Shoeb Ahmad (Shaurov) and Kate Saraswati held in Canberra recently [Ehsan Ullah]
27 Apr 2009 MP3
'Geeti-natya' (lyric): 'Rakhal Chandra Matal' - performed by popular Indian actor and singer Kishore Kumar and others [Ehsan Ullah]
04 May 2009 MP3
Commemoration: 'Buddha Purnima' - birth, enlightenment and death anniversary of Lord Buddha on 8th May 2009 [Shampa Barua]
11 May 2009 MP3
Interview: Mark Bidwell - supporting orphanage in Bangladesh since 2001 and remembering mother on Mother's Day [Borhanuddin Shafi]
18 May 2009 MP3
(1) Life and contribution of Khandkar Kadrul Haque to Canberra ethnic communities, and (2) 'rakhal theke orthonitibid' [Ehsan Ullah]
25 May 2009 MP3
Radio drama: 'betha' - or the pain. Reflecting on the experience of the Aboriginal stolen generation [Sakiba Rahman]
01 Jun 2009 MP3
Tribute: Bulbul Chowdhury - pioneer of modern dance in Bangladesh and founder of Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts [Dalia Nilufar]
08 Jun 2009 MP3
Tribute: Kazi Nazrul Islam - national poet of Bangladesh on his 110th birth anniversary observed on 25th May 2009 [Badiuzzaman Khan]
15 Jun 2009 MP3
Radio drama: 'shat taka baro ana' - written by S. Chottopadhaya. Roles played by Partho Ghosh and Gouri Ghosh [Ehsan Ullah]
22 Jun 2009 MP3
(1) Report: 'desh bodoler shopne bivore manushera' - Anisul Huq, and (2) Poem: 'shudhu shei protisrutir jonno' [Murshed Haider]
29 Jun 2009 MP3
Interview: Prof. Willem van Schendel, University of Amsterdam, on his new book - 'A History of Bangladesh' [Bina D'Costa]
06 Jul 2009 MP3
Celebration of 10th anniversary of Bangla Radio Canberra and part replay of the first program broadcast in July 1999 [Ehsan Ullah]
13 Jul 2009 MP3
Interview: Dr. Mohammed Alauddin, Wagner College New York, on reducing the indoor air pollution in Bangladesh [Sadequr Rahman]
20 Jul 2009 MP3
Interviews: (Pt 1) Information for Bangladeshi students planning to undertake higher studies at Australian universities [Obaidul Haque]
27 Jul 2009 MP3
(1) Association's annual 'Bangladesh Night', and (2) a presentation on Fred Hyde by Mr. Tony Kent, Chair, CO-ID [Sadequr Rahman]
03 Aug 2009 MP3
Stage drama: 'payer awaj paoa jaye' [Part 1] by Bangladeshi writer Syed Shamsul Haque and performed by 'Theatre' group [Ehsan Ullah]
10 Aug 2009 MP3
Interviews: (1) Brian Martin and Dalia Das - Operation Cleft, and (2) Nitya Bernard Parker - Bangla music devotee [Borhanuddin Shafi]
17 Aug 2009 MP3
Tributes: Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Ustad Momtaz Ali Khan, Ashrafuzzaman khan and Moloy Kumar Ganguli [Dalia Nilufar]
24 Aug 2009 MP3
Interview: Ms. Nazneen Kawsar Chowdhury, Bangladeshi Ph.D. student at the ANU in Canberra [Shireen Ahmed]
31 Aug 2009 MP3
Stage drama: 'payer awaj paoa jaye' [Part 2] by Bangladeshi writer Syed Shamsul Haque and performed by 'Theatre' group [Ehsan Ullah]
07 Sep 2009 MP3
Interviews: (Pt 2) Information for Bangladeshi students planning to undertake higher studies at Australian universities [Obaidul Haque]
14 Sep 2009 MP3
(1) Reading: 'bangladesher kichhu notun roag', 'gaahi shamyer gaan' and 'naree', and (2) songs sung by Rajib and Didar [Ehsan Ullah]
21 Sep 2009 MP3
Reading: Some articles published in Bangladesh dailies on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr and Durga puja [Ehsan Ullah]
28 Sep 2009 MP3
Durga puja in Canberra - Puja preparation, traditional puja menus, and live recording from Florey Temple in Canberra [Avijit Sarker]
05 Oct 2009 MP3
A collection of Australian aboriginal music - from different parts of Australia and the Pacific [Obaidul Haque]
12 Oct 2009 MP3
(1) Interview: benefits for Bangladeshi expatriates (2) Story: Hasan Ali - his struggle that earned him GPA 5 [Borhanuddin Shafi]
19 Oct 2009 MP3
Tribute: Legendary Indian singer Manna Dey for his nomination for the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke award 2007 [Dalia Nilufar]
26 Oct 2009 MP3
Commemoration of 'Pink Ribbon Day' on 26 October 2009 and tribute to a colleague who lost her life to cancer [Ehsan Ullah]
02 Nov 2009 MP3
Lecture: 'bangalit-to: otit, bortoman o bhobish-shot' - by Professor Anisuzzaman, Dhaka University, Bangladesh [Sadequr Rahman]
09 Nov 2009 MP3
Lecture: 'bangalit-to: otit, bortoman o bhobish-shot' - by Professor Dipesh Chakrabarty, Chicago University, USA [Sadequr Rahman]
16 Nov 2009 MP3
(1) Interview: newcomers to Canberra, and (2) a prayer for Krishna and Trishna, conjoined twins undergoing surgery [Ehsan Ullah]
23 Nov 2009 MP3
Discussion: environmental constraints on rice cultivation in Bangladesh and the work done by BRRI [Sadequr Rahman]
30 Nov 2009 MP3
Eid ul Azha - recollections and reflections of times past and recent by members of the Bangladeshi community [Sadequr Rahman]
07 Dec 2009 MP3
Discussion: War-babies of 1971 - by Sajid Hossain, marine engineer and author of 'Ekattorer Juddho-shishu' [Sadequr Rahman]
14 Dec 2009 MP3
Wins for Bangladesh on Victory Day: Fred Hyde School, Dr. Mahfuz Aziz, Prof Yunus, and events in Canberra [Dalia Nilufar].
21 Dec 2009 MP3
Songs from the Liberation war of Bangladesh, sung by different artistes [Obaidul Haque].
28 Dec 2009 MP3
Christmas celebrated in Bangla: Readings and Songs [Luna Purification]