Bangla Radio Archive - 2008

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07 Jan 2008 MP3
Welcomed the New Year for Australia and Bangladesh, and achievement stories of Eemon, Nargis and Horipodo [Ehsan Ullah]
14 Jan 2008 MP3
2008 horoscopes for all the twelve zodiac signs by astrologer and numerologist Bhashkor Shobboshachi [Jayanta Sarker]
21 Jan 2008 MP3
Interviews: (1) evidence of global warming - Dr. Roger Gifford, and (2) concept of carbon trading - Dr. Helal Ahmed [Sadequr Rahman]
28 Jan 2008 MP3
Micro-drama - 'kortobbo' - to commemorate the 'Australia Day' celebrated on the 26th of January across Australia [Sakiba Rahman]
04 Feb 2008 MP3
(1) Australian aboriginal people: history, culture and their stolen generation and (2) education opportunities in Australia [Ehsan Ullah]
11 Feb 2008 MP3
Tribute to Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim - founder of Bangladesh's first diabetic institute and rehabilitation centre [Badiuzzaman Khan]
18 Feb 2008 MP3
Viewpoint: 'bangaleer dhormio shamprodayeekotar itihash o bistar' - part 1 - by Prof. Anisuzzaman [Sadequr Rahman]
25 Feb 2008 MP3
Viewpoint: 'bangaleer dhormio shamprodayeekotar itihash o bistar' - part 2 - by Prof. Dipesh Chakrabarty [Sadequr Rahman]
03 Mar 2008 MP3
National Apology to the aboriginal 'stolen generations' at the Australian Parliament on 13 February 2008 [Ehsan Ullah]
10 Mar 2008 MP3
(1) Canberra celebrates 95th birthday on 10 March 2008, and (2) article on equal rights of Bangladeshi women [Shireen Ahmad]
17 Mar 2008 MP3
Micro-drama - 'Discipline' - and Canberra activities to mark this year's 'Shadhinota Dibosh' on 26th March [Sadequr Rahman]
24 Mar 2008 MP3
Tribute to Bir Protik William A. S. Ouderland - Bangladesh's proud freedom fighter and memories of liberation war [Ehsan Ullah]
31 Mar 2008 MP3
Four extraordinary stories surrounding - 'motherhood' - from Netrokona, Medinipur, Mumbai and Jaipur [Ehsan Ullah]
07 Apr 2008 MP3
Stories - archeology from Bogra, orphanage from Pan Chhori and tea plantation workers from Sylhet in Bangladesh [Shireen Ahmad]
14 Apr 2008 MP3
Bangla New Year celebration by the Chakma expatriates living in Adelaide and Melbourne: highlighting the 'biju' festival [Bina D'Costa]
21 Apr 2008 MP3
Interview: Bangladesh's water resources - past, present and future issues with Dr. Mohammed Moinuddin Milon [Sadequr Rahman]
28 Apr 2008 MP3
(1) Association’s function ‘Banshori’, and (2) description of inaugural rides on 'moitri' express by two distinguished writers [Ehsan Ullah]
05 May 2008 MP3
(1) A joint petroleum reservoir in the SAARC region (2) Kanak Raja's palace, and (3) Sheikh Farid's 'Dorgah' [Shireen Ahmad]
12 May 2008 MP3
Role of Bangladesh Army in the United Nation peace keeping missions and interview with Ahmed Imran [Bina D'Costa]
19 May 2008 MP3
(1) Brief history of 'dance', and (2) report on International Dance Day celebration in Dhaka, Bangladesh [Dalia Nilufar]
26 May 2008 MP3
(1) Association’s upcoming functions, (2) letter from Murshed Haider Anjohn, and (3) ‘Canberra probashir May mash’ [Ehsan Ullah]
02 Jun 2008 MP3
(1) Canberra news, (2) story of 'mango' (3) recitation of Jibonanondo Das poem, (4) remembering Manik Mia [Shireen Ahmad]
09 Jun 2008 MP3
Interview: Issues of IT industry and profession in Bangladesh - Dr. Mohammad Kaykobad from BUET Bangladesh [Sadequr Rahman]
16 Jun 2008 MP3
(1) Tribute to Dr. Selim Al Deen - pioneer of Bangladesh's theatre movement, and (2) remembering father on Father Day [Ehsan Ullah]
23 Jun 2008 MP3
Interview: The issues of proposed Phulbari Coal Mine - Prof. Anu Mohammad and Dr. Ruhul Amin Sarker [Sadequr Rahman]
30 Jun 2008 MP3
Life and achievement of (1) Dr. Mohammad Qudrat-i-Khuda and (2) Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose [Badiuzzaman Khan]
07 Jul 2008 MP3
(1) Bangla Radio achievements, (2) Canberra Bangladeshis, and (3) keys to achieve our dreams - from Dhaka and Birbhum [Ehsan Ullah]
14 Jul 2008 MP3
(1) Story of Abu Zar Gifary (ra) becoming a muslim, and (2) history of Dorshona in Chuadanga, Bangladesh [Shireen Ahmad]
21 Jul 2008 MP3
Part of recording of the Association's recent function 'bondhon' to welcome the newcomers to Canberra [Sadequr Rahman]
28 Jul 2008 MP3
(1) Association AGM (2) BEN Australia seminar (3) audio CD launch, and (4) Bangladeshi Architects in Australia [Sadequr Rahman]
04 Aug 2008 MP3
Interview: Categories of immigration sponsorship, the processes and the family members and relatives people can sponsor [Ehsan Ullah]
11 Aug 2008 MP3
Reading of an article by Bangladeshi poet Nirmolendu Gun and beautiful songs to mark this year's Friendship Day [Murshed Haider]
18 Aug 2008 MP3
Reports on BEN Australia seminar and audio CD launch, and an interview with Bangladeshi artist Shahabuddin [Sadequr Rahman]
25 Aug 2008 MP3
Recollection of Sunil Gangopadhyay's Canberra visit, a piece of classical music and two beautiful songs [Shireen Ahmad]
01 Sep 2008 MP3
(1) Tribute to Abdullah Al Mamun - distinguished playwright of Bangladesh, and (2) welcomed Canberra spring [Ehsan Ullah]
08 Sep 2008 MP3
Interview: Shahnaz Yousuf from New York, describing the activities of their organisation - 'adhunika' [Bina D'Costa]
15 Sep 2008 MP3
(1) 'halimer recipe' (2) 'unmadonar itihash' by 'Unmad' editor Ahsan Habib and (3) traditional 'chawk bazarer iftari' [Murshed Haider]
22 Sep 2008 MP3
(1) Introduction to Canberra Bangla Bhasha O Shonskriti School, and (2) short story 'asha na mitilo' by a young writer [Shireen Ahmad]
29 Sep 2008 MP3
(1) Preparation for Eid ul Fitr and Durga Puja in Canberra, and (2) three stories of Eid and Puja celebrations [Ehsan Ullah]
06 Oct 2008 MP3
(1) Experience of Eid ul Fitr celebration in Canberra, and (2) Durga puja celebration in Canberra at the Florey temple [Sadequr Rahman]
13 Oct 2008 MP3
(1) Eid and Puja in Canberra, Sydney and Kolkata, (3) keeping 'brain' active, and (3) memories of Bulbul Academy in Dhaka [Dalia Nilufar]
20 Oct 2008 MP3
(1) two 'rosh+alo koutuk', and (2) personal tribute to Bangladesh's young photographer Shubroto Ripon [Murshed Haider]
27 Oct 2008 MP3
Stories of expatriate life: (1) 'morubashi' - from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, (2) 'aat bochhor porey' - from Houston, USA [Ehsan Ullah]
03 Nov 2008 MP3
(1) Indian ruler Tipu Sultan by Dr. Kate Brittlebank, University of Tasmania, and (2) upcoming Canberra events [Sadequr Rahman]
10 Nov 2008 MP3
A game involving you, Tipu Sultan and Barack Obama based on the theory of 'six degrees of separation' [Sadequr Rahman]
17 Nov 2008 MP3
Tribute to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (part 1) - father of the nation of Bangladesh: his biography and political career [Badiuzzaman Khan]
24 Nov 2008 MP3
Report: 'mezbaan' function organised by the Canberra Chattalabashi showcasing Chittagong region and heritage [Ehsan Ullah]
01 Dec 2008 MP3
Stories of Australian life and country - people, jokes and a memorable bus trip from Canberra to Narooma [Ehsan Ullah]
08 Dec 2008 MP3
(1) short story - 'chunoputi' - by Bonoful, (2) the 'Haj' pilgrimage, and (3) 'Eid ul Adha' in Canberra [Shireen Ahmad]
15 Dec 2008 MP3
Tribute to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (part 2) - father of the nation of Bangladesh: his biography and political career [Badiuzzaman Khan]
22 Dec 2008 MP3
Report: 'bijoy dibosh' function organised by the Bangladesh Australia Association Canberra on 20th December 2008 [Ehsan Ullah]
29 Dec 2008 MP3
A beautiful composition of songs and narrations from the holy Bible on the occasion of Christmas in Canberra [Luna Purification]