Bangla Radio Archive - 2007

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01 Jan 2007 MP3
An analysis of the issues surrounding the general election of Bangladesh by a retired Bangladeshi diplomat [Badiuzzaman Khan]
08 Jan 2007 MP3
Short story 'olot palot' and interview with Bangladesh's celebrity singers Runa Laila and Sabina Yasmin [Shireen Ahmad]
15 Jan 2007 MP3
Interview of four newly arrived doctors in Canberra Hospital - their impression of life in a new country and culture [Ehsan Ullah]
22 Jan 2007 MP3
Interviews - new generation Bangladeshis, Sports Secretary Roysul Khan and Nic Manikis from ACT Government [Iskander Chowdhury]
29 Jan 2007 MP3
Mirco-drama 'mullayon' written by Sadequr Rahman and letter from Rangpur, Bangladesh written by Barry Ison [Sadequr Rahman]
05 Feb 2007 MP3
Features - ‘ekusher bhabna’, ‘ekusher boi mela’ and use of electric fishing nets in Cox’s Bazar and St. Martin’s Island [Shireen Ahmad]
12 Feb 2007 MP3
Reports - Canberra's 'Shoroshoti Puja' and National Multicultural Festival, and interview - with Dr. Nargis Akhter Banu [Ehsan Ullah]
19 Feb 2007 MP3
Words on 21st February 'bhasha shaheed dibosh' and a short story 'prothom shikhok' by Dr. Muhammed Zafar Iqbal [Murshed Haider]
26 Feb 2007 MP3
Remembering Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and a letter from our Bangladeshi listener Mr. Masuduzzaman [Sadequr Rahman]
05 Mar 2007 MP3
Short story - 'Gonok' - written by popular Indian writer Promoth Nath Bishi [Shireen Ahmad]
12 Mar 2007 MP3
Cultural function 'Ridoye Ekush' commemorating Language Martyr's Day at the Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra [Ehsan Ullah]
19 Mar 2007 MP3
Features - history of 'Canberra Day' celebration and story of Tazmira from Hasnabad, India [Ehsan Ullah]
26 Mar 2007 MP3
Independence Day of Bangladesh - poem, reconciliation, letters and future [Sadequr Rahman]
02 Apr 2007 MP3
Interview - Dr. Porag Das, Dr. Momtaz Begum and Dr. Abdur Rahman about their medical profession and life in Canberra [Ehsan Ullah]
09 Apr 2007 MP3
Features - Bangladesh beat South Africa in ICC World Cup by Utpal Shurvo and Habibul Bashar from Guyana [Ehsan Ullah]
16 Apr 2007 MP3
Radio coverage of Canberra 'Boishakhi Mela' 1414 organised by Bangladesh Australia Association Canberra [Iskander Chowdhury]
23 Apr 2007 MP3
Voices of some old and new Canberra residents at a function at the Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra [Ehsan Ullah]
30 Apr 2007 MP3
Short story - 'shap' - and column - 'anondo jol' - by distinguished Bangladeshi columnist Shumonto Aslam [Murshed Haider]
07 May 2007 MP3
Tribute to Poet Rabindranath Thakur on his 146th birth anniversary and a beautiful letter from Vietnam by Provash Mondol [Ehsan Ullah]
14 May 2007 MP3
History of a very close object of the Bangalee family and a letter from La Coruna, Spain by Ziauddin Ahmed [Sadequr Rahman]
21 May 2007 MP3
Interviews - 'rice' in the sub-continent: (1) Prof. Gideon Polya, Melbourne, and (2) Dr. Mahbub Hossain, Manila [Sadequr Rahman]
28 May 2007 MP3
Tribute to Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam on his 108th birth anniversary and letters from England and S. Korea on expatriate life [Ehsan Ullah]
04 Jun 2007 MP3
Two theories surrounding the mysteries of the universe and the story of a Canberra girl and her dream album [Ehsan Ullah]
11 Jun 2007 MP3
Interview - Dr. Phil Cummins about 'tsunamis' in Bangladesh, and second letter from Spain by Ziauddin Ahmed [Sadequr Rahman]
18 Jun 2007 MP3
Commemorated 'Father's Day' and column - 'taka' - by distinguished Bangladeshi columnist Shumonto Aslam [Murshed Haider]
25 Jun 2007 MP3
Scientific explanations of gaining body-weight and controlling body-weight using friendly 'bacteria'! [Sadequr Rahman]
02 Jul 2007 MP3
Introduced 'Bangla Radio Canberra' and its presenters, and provided information for prospective new comers to Canberra [Ehsan Ullah]
09 Jul 2007 MP3
Poem + song 'tomake obhibadon priotoma', and a short story 'onko shlok' by Bangladeshi novelist Humayun Ahmed [Murshed Haider]
16 Jul 2007 MP3
Bangladesh Night speeches and 'impressions of Bangladesh' by foreigners Ms. Lorraine Barker and Mr. Noel Magor [Sadequr Rahman]
23 Jul 2007 MP3
Emotions and feelings of Bangladeshis in three parts: 'desh', 'bhalobasha' and 'bishonnota' from literature and song [Bina D'Costa]
30 Jul 2007 MP3
Tribute to Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani - his role and contributions in Bangladesh's liberation [Badiuzzaman Khan]
06 Aug 2007 MP3
Interview - Shoeb Ahmad Shourav, new generation Bangladeshi music composer and his experimental music [Sadequr Rahman]
13 Aug 2007 MP3
'Canberra probashir desh bhromon' - issues of Bangladesh travel by the Canberra Bangladeshis [Ehsan Ullah]
20 Aug 2007 MP3
Bangladesh flood and short story 'fazlul karim shaheber tran karjo' by Bangladeshi novelist Humayun Ahmed [Murshed Haider]
27 Aug 2007 MP3
Light-hearted 'onu-natika' - Licence - and Canberra fund-raising for the flood-affected people in Bangladesh [Sadequr Rahman]
03 Sep 2007 MP3
Short story 'tuition' by Promoth Nath Bishi and poem 'jotok-khon tumi krishoker pashe' by Nirmolendu Gun [Shireen Ahmad]
10 Sep 2007 MP3
Tribute to Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah - his life sketch, works and contributions in Bangladesh's liberation [Badiuzzaman Khan]
17 Sep 2007 MP3
Story of an early muslim settler as told by Hanifa Deen describing the history of her Punjabi forefathers [Sadequr Rahman]
24 Sep 2007 MP3
Tribute to our 'mother' - her life, affection and sacrifice: (1) 'amader ma' (2) 'ekjon ma er kahini' and (3) 'ma ke mone po re' [Ehsan Ullah]
01 Oct 2007 MP3
Usage of foreign words in Bangla language, and short story - 'Coca Cola' - by Dr. Mohammad Zafar Iqbal [Murshed Haider]
08 Oct 2007 MP3
Significance of the month 'Ramadan' and story behind Cat Steven's conversion to Islam and becoming Yusuf Islam [Murshed Haider]
15 Oct 2007 MP3
(1) Memories of Bangladesh 'Eid' (2) the unique Canberra 'Eid' celebration, and (3) 'probashi shontaner ma-eder eid' [Dalia Nilufar]
22 Oct 2007 MP3
(1) Tradition of 'Durga Puja' in Bangladesh, (2) 'Durga Puja' in Canberra, and (3) history of 'Durga Puja' [Avijeet Sarker]
29 Oct 2007 MP3
(1) The attractions of living in Canberra by Bangladeshi expatriates and (2) wedding reception of Shawanah and Cheyne [Ehsan Ullah]
05 Nov 2007 MP3
(1) Immigration and study opportunities for Bangladeshi nationals in Australia, and (2) a remarkable mouth organ player [Ehsan Ullah]
12 Nov 2007 MP3
(1) Poem 'duh shopner ekdin' by Shamsur Rahman, and (2) selected reading from 'e-le be-le' by Humayun Ahmed [Murshed Haider]
19 Nov 2007 MP3
Report on the devastation of Cyclone 'Sidr' in Bangladesh on 15 Nov 07 - eyewitness report, relief situation and needs [Sadequr Rahman]
26 Nov 2007 MP3
Views of Bangladesh's liberation war by Major General (Retd) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim, Bir Protik, in Canberra [Bina D'Costa]
03 Dec 2007 MP3
(1) Short story - 'shompadok' - by Rabindranath Thakur, and (2) a brief history of short stories in Bangla language [Dalia Nilufar]
10 Dec 2007 MP3
Tribute to Shanjib Chowdhury - young composer, lyricist, singer and journalist of Bangladesh who died on 19th Nov [Murshed Haider]
17 Dec 2007 MP3
'Baba' - a story based on the liberation war written by popular Bangladeshi writer and journalist Anisul Haque [Ehsan Ullah]
24 Dec 2007 MP3
Christmas celebration in Canberra by the expatriate Bangladeshis and recollections of celebration back home [Bina D'Costa]