Bangla Radio Archive - 2005

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03 Jan 2005 MP3
Feature - Sympathy to Tsunamy victims, memories of Selina Bahar Chowdhury and some suggestions for good life [Ehsan Ullah]
17 Jan 2005 MP3
Interview of some young Bangladeshis about their knowledge of Bangladesh's liberation war [Ehsan Ullah]
31 Jan 2005 MP3
Coverage of Association's Eid-ul-Azha reunion function 'Paan Shupari' [Ehsan Ullah]
07 Feb 2005 MP3
A tribute to Bangladesh's distinguished diplomat and economist Shah AMS Kibria [Sadequr Rahman]
21 Feb 2005 MP3
Commemorating '21 February - Bhasha Shaheed Dibash' - history, poetry and songs [Avijit Sarker]
28 Feb 2005 MP3
Feature: story of a Bangladeshi youth winning the fight alone against poverty, illiteracy and substance abuse [Ehsan Ullah]
07 Mar 2005 MP3
Tribute to singer Abdul Latif from a family friend, and history and role of SAARC [Sadequr Rahman]
21 Mar 2005 MP3
An informal discussion - how to teach expatriate children the (real) history of Bangladesh [Ehsan Ullah]
28 Mar 2005 MP3
Coverage of Association's Bangladesh Independence Day function 'Projonmo' [Fahmida Ehsan]
04 Apr 2005 MP3
Interview with Dr. Shamsul Haque - brilliant research work of Bangladeshi scientists in CSIRO [Sadequr Rahman]
18 Apr 2005 MP3
Coverage of Sydney's 'Boishakhi Mela' - live recording of the mela, stalls and people [Ehsan Ullah]
02 May 2005 MP3
Travel diary of Moinul Ahsan - Canberra to 'Uluru' in Australia's Northern Territory - Part 1 [Sadequr Rahman]
09 May 2005 MP3
A tribute to poet Rabindranath Thakur on his 144th birth anniversary [Shireen Ahmed]
16 May 2005 MP3
Features: Grameen Bank project for destitute, and the love of Bangladeshi expatriates for their motherland [Ehsan Ullah]
23 May 2005 MP3
A tribute to poet Kazi Nazrul Islam on his 106th birth anniversary [Avijit Sharker]
30 May 2005 MP3
Travel diary of Moinul Ahsan - Canberra to 'Uluru' in Australia's Northern Territory - Part 2 [Sadeq Rahman]
13 Jun 2005 MP3
Radio drama 'John Howerder Panta Khaoa' celebrating Bangla New Year by the local Canberra artists [Fahmida Ehsan]
20 Jun 2005 MP3
Celebrating Bangladesh's win over Australia in one day international cricket match in Dhaka [Avijit Sarkar]
27 Jun 2005 MP3
Interview with Dr Howard Rawson - FAO project in Bangladesh to increase wheat production [Sadequr Rahman]
04 Jul 2005 MP3
Coverage of Association's Rabindra-Nazrul Jayanti function 'Pushpanjali' - Part 1 [Ehsan Ullah]
11 Jul 2005 MP3
Coverage of Association's Rabindra-Nazrul Jayanti function 'Pushpanjali' - Part 2 [Ehsan Ullah]
25 Jul 2005 MP3
Reading of two short stories: 'Oditia' and 'Bhitor O Bahir' by Bonoful [Sadequr Rahman]
01 Aug 2005 MP3
Features: 'Aloy Bhubon Bhora' - a success story and 'Shumai Chhara' - a new tourist attraction [Shireen Ahmed]
08 Aug 2005 MP3
Interview with Canberra Marine Engineer and Architect Aminur Rashid - describing his experience of ocean voyages [Ehsan Ullah]
15 Aug 2005 MP3
News, a discovery in US, and some very easy 'deshi' fish recipe for Bangladeshi expatriates [Avijit Sarkar]
22 Aug 2005 MP3
Features: Bangladeshi women in professional careers, and the century old ancient trees of Bangladesh [Shireen Ahmad]
29 Aug 2005 MP3
Feature: 'Pathor Nagory' - ancient ruins in Jagdal, near Naogaon, in Northern Bangladesh [Shireen Ahmad]
05 Sep 2005 MP3
Interview with Jorgen Lissner of UNDP Bangladesh on Bangladesh development issues (courtesy of BTV 'Lal Golap') [Ehsan Ullah]
12 Sep 2005 MP3
Collection of 'Old is Gold' songs form Bangla Radio archive for a rainy Canberra evening [Sadequr Rahman]
19 Sep 2005 MP3
Feature: 'Krishna-kanter mono-chhobir jogoth' - the story of an extra-ordinary school teacher [Ehsan Ullah]
26 Sep 2005 MP3
News and technology highlights, and places to visit in Canberra during school holidays [Avijit Sarker]
03 Oct 2005 MP3
Interview with Barrister Harun ur Rashid - importance of projecting Bangladesh in the mainstream Australian community [Ehsan Ullah]
10 Oct 2005 MP3
News featuring earthquake in Pakistan and Kashmir, 'Iftar' party and 'Durga Puja' [Avijit Sarker]
24 Oct 2005 MP3
Features: 'Fasting' in the eye of medical science and on 'Zakat' - some points we should know [Shireen Ahmad]
31 Oct 2005 MP3
A collection of popular songs by Bangladeshi celebrity singer Kumar Bishwajit as a prelude to his planned Canberra Concert [Ehsan Ullah]
07 Nov 2005 MP3
Jibanananda Das poem, Eid celebration and a collection of songs for our young listeners [Avijit Sarkar]
14 Nov 2005 MP3
A tribute to Deshbondhu Chittaranjan Das, and interview with Mr. Bashirul Alam - an eye-witness of his final days [Sadequr Rahman]
21 Nov 2005 MP3
Feature on 'Shanti Niketon' in Kolkata - its history and description of the surrounding [Shireen Ahmed]
28 Nov 2005 MP3
Features: 'Nironton Shikharty ek Shikhok' and 'Phool o Fashaler Bondhu' - stories that make us proud of Bangladesh [Ehsan Ullah]
12 Dec 2005 MP3
Interview with senior Bangladeshi scientist Dr. Syed Mosharraf Ali and his story of Australian 'Daal' (lentils) [Sadequr Rahman]
19 Dec 2005 MP3
A tribute to unsung martyrs and commemoration of 'Bijoy Dibosh' through poems from Bangladesh and India [Ehsan Ullah]
26 Dec 2005 MP3
Features: Achievement stories of Bangladeshi farmer Horipodo Kapali and singer Nolok Babu to cherish into the new year [Ehsan Ullah]