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'Jibon o Sangskriti' (Life and Culture) - Part 3: The role of music in human development [Image: Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia playing morning Raga "Prabhati” /]
18 Jan 2021 MP3
'Jibon o Sangskriti' (Life and Culture) - Exploring the influence of human gene on human culture - Part 3: The role of music in human development [Ehsan Ullah]
New Generation's Voice: Australia Day 2021 [Image:]
25 Jan 2021 MP3
Commemoration: Australia Day - the celebration, some controversies and three influential Australians from history [Adnin Zahid and Adiba Ahmed]
Science - (1) Emptiness and the Universe, and (2) Quantum Gravity - articles by Dr. Tanvir Hossain, plant scientist and science writer [Image: Dr. Tanvir Hossain]
01 Feb 2021 MP3
Science - (1) Emptiness and the universe, and (2) Quantum gravity by popular science writer Dr. Tanvir Hossain [Tanvir Hossain]
Overview of health services in Canberra [Image:]
08 Feb 2021 MP3
Overview of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) health services - Ms. Yelin Hung, Health Care Consumers’ Association Inc. [Raquibul Sheikh]
Desperate for spring - The melody of spring arrival in Bengali soul [Image: Two girls attend a performance celebrating Pohela Falgun /Xinhua/Mohammad Manowar Kamal]
15 Feb 2021 MP3
'Boshonto Byakul' (Desperate for spring) - Celebrating the arrival of spring in Bangladesh [Sakiba Rahman]
Influence of language movement on Bengali literature [Image:]
22 Feb 2021 MP3
Commemoration: 'Language Martyrs Day' - Influence of language movement on Bengali literature and music [Shamsuddin Shafi Biplob]
Canberra pays tribute on Mother Language Day [Photo: Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra, Australia]
01 Mar 2021 MP3
Commemoration: Canberra pays tribute on Language Martyrs' Day and International Mother Language Day (21 February 2021) [Raquibul Sheikh]