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Canberra pays tribute to late Mrs. Fazilatunnessa Dowla [Photo: Rokeya Rahman Shaon]
29 Apr 2019 MP3
Tribute to late Mrs. Fazilatunnessa Dowla - a long time resident of Canberra - from the Bangladeshi community [Ehsan Ullah]
Enlightened Women - ALO You Enlighten Me - poster and panel members (R-L): Dr. Yvonne Luxford, Ms. Elizabeth Kiikkert MLA, Dr. Naheed Siddiqui, Ms. Diana Abdel Rahman and Dr. Joyce Das [Images: Dr. Lubna Alam]
06 May 2019 MP3
Commemoration: International Women's Day 2019 in Canberra - 'ALO You Enlighten Me' (Part 2) [Ayesha Sheikh]
'Shanti Koro Borishon' [Image:]
13 May 2019 MP3
Commemoration: 'Buddha Purnima' - birth, enlightenment and death anniversary of Lord Buddha [Shampa Barua]
Folk theme songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam [Image:]
20 May 2019 MP3
Commemoration: 120th birth anniversary of poet Kazi Nazrul Islam - a selection of his songs on folk theme [Sheikh Lana]
A reflection of Christchurch mosque shootings [Image: Bangla Radio]
27 May 2019 MP3
A reflection of terrorist attacks at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on 15 March 2019 [Adnin Zahid and Adiba Ahmed]
Eid Mubarak [Image:]
03 Jun 2019 MP3
[Archive: 2015] Eid memories of the past by Mr. Zahiruddin Mahmud Mamun and Ms. Nargis Hedayet [Raquibul Sheikh]
10 Jun 2019 MP3
Tribute: Subir Nandi (1953-2019) - prominent Bangladeshi singer and winner of several national awards [Shampa Barua]
Farewell respected theatre personality Professor Momtazuddin Ahmed [Image:]
17 Jun 2019 MP3
Tribute: Professor Momtazuddin Ahmed (1935-2019), a Bangladeshi playwright-actor and educationist [Ehsan Ullah]
Some melodious songs of Kazi Nazriul Islam [Image:]
24 Jun 2019 MP3
A selection of Bangladesh's national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam's melodious songs on 'love' [Sheikh Lana]