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Merry Christmas [Image: Jharna Purification]
25 Dec 2017 MP3
Meaning and significance of Christmas, birth of Jesus Christ and a message for all humankind [Jharna Purification]
Megacity Dhaka and I [Photo: Bengal Classical Music Festival 2017/]
01 Jan 2018 MP3
An expatriate's search for Dhaka as it was four decades ago [Ehsan Ullah]
'Kothae Kothae Je Raat Hoey Jae' - Pulak Bandopadhay (Part 2) [Image:]
08 Jan 2018 MP3
Stories behind the creation of super-hit Indian Bengali songs in the 60s and 70s - Pulak Bandyopadhyay (Part 2) [Shampa Barua]
Human evolution in Indian subcontinent (Science: The evolution of mankind - Part 3) [Image: Monash University Malaysia documentary/YouTube]
15 Jan 2018 MP3
Migration of humans from Africa 50,000 years ago and aspects of population history of South Asia including Bangladesh [Sadequr Rahman]
'Esho Debi Esho E Aloke' [Image:]
22 Jan 2018 MP3
Commemoration: 'Saraswati Puja' - a beautiful composition of songs, recitals and significance of the celebration [Shampa Barua]
A discussion of Rabindranath Tagore's novel 'Chokher Bali' from the younger generation of Canberran-Bengalis [Image:]
29 Jan 2018 MP3
New generation's voice: A discussion of Rabindranath Tagore's novel 'Chokher Bali' [Adiba Ahmed]
Interview: Rashedul Hasan - 24th position at the MasterChef Australia 2017 contest [Image:]
05 Feb 2018 MP3
Interview: Bangladeshi contestant Mr. Rashedul Hasan at the MasterChef Australia contest in 2017 [Shamaruh Mirza]
Shahiduzzaman Selim in Canberra [Image:]
12 Feb 2018 MP3
Interview: Popular Bangladeshi theatre, television and film actor Shahiduzzaman Selim during his recent Canberra performance [Raquibul Sheikh]
'Amar Bhaiyer Rokte Rangano Ekushe February Ami Ki Bhulite Pari?' [Image: flikr/Sadat Mainuddin]
19 Feb 2018 MP3
Significance of the Language Martyrs' Day and activities to observe the day in Canberra [Sheikh Lana]
'Canberra Multicultural Festivaley Adda' [Photo: Ehsan Ullah]
26 Feb 2018 MP3
New Generation's voice: Memories of Canberra Multicultural Festival, Bengali culture and Bengali food [Adiba Ahmed]