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26 Sep 2005 MP3
News and technology highlights, and places to visit in Canberra during school holidays [Avijit Sarker]
03 Oct 2005 MP3
Interview with Barrister Harun ur Rashid - importance of projecting Bangladesh in the mainstream Australian community [Ehsan Ullah]
10 Oct 2005 MP3
News featuring earthquake in Pakistan and Kashmir, 'Iftar' party and 'Durga Puja' [Avijit Sarker]
24 Oct 2005 MP3
Features: 'Fasting' in the eye of medical science and on 'Zakat' - some points we should know [Shireen Ahmad]
31 Oct 2005 MP3
A collection of popular songs by Bangladeshi celebrity singer Kumar Bishwajit as a prelude to his planned Canberra Concert [Ehsan Ullah]
07 Nov 2005 MP3
Jibanananda Das poem, Eid celebration and a collection of songs for our young listeners [Avijit Sarkar]
14 Nov 2005 MP3
A tribute to Deshbondhu Chittaranjan Das, and interview with Mr. Bashirul Alam - an eye-witness of his final days [Sadequr Rahman]
21 Nov 2005 MP3
Feature on 'Shanti Niketon' in Kolkata - its history and description of the surrounding [Shireen Ahmed]
28 Nov 2005 MP3
Features: 'Nironton Shikharty ek Shikhok' and 'Phool o Fashaler Bondhu' - stories that make us proud of Bangladesh [Ehsan Ullah]
12 Dec 2005 MP3
Interview with senior Bangladeshi scientist Dr. Syed Mosharraf Ali and his story of Australian 'Daal' (lentils) [Sadequr Rahman]