Week 52 24 Dec 2018

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The story of Christmas [Image: Internet]
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This week's program commemorated the Christmas Day to be celebrated on 25th December 2018. The theme of the Christmas program is 'Borodin er Golpo' or the Story of Christmas: The Gift of the Magi. What is the story behind the gift of the Magi? Why is it important to understand the tradition of Christmas gifts? We are all called to be magis. Our gifts reflect who we are and how we treat others in our life. But nothing compares to the gift that is born out of love and a grateful heart. This week's program was produced and presented by Jharna Purification.
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Commemoration: Christmas Day 2018 - The story of Christmas [Jharna Purification]
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The story of Christmas [Image: Internet]
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Monday, December 24, 2018
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