19 Mar 2007 MP3

This week’s program presented a report on - 'Canberra Day' - celebrated today in the Australian Capital Territory to mark the official naming of Canberra as the Australia's capital in 1913. Canberra architect and town planner Rumana Jamaly compiled this interesting report for Bangla Radio with a brief history behind the establishment of this beautiful city. This week's program also presented a heart warming story of one fifteen year old girl Tazmira from Hasnabad, India who became the icon of revolt against dowry in her country - an example for all girls in every village in the subcontinent. The wonderful songs played in the program were composed and sung by Bangladesh's new generation singer Habib Waheed: 'ek-tu dara be-ki, ekhuni nambe brishti', 'shopne taar shathe hoy dekha' and 'din gelo tomari potho cha-hia'. The background music played the program was taken from CD 'Sitar Meditations', the artists were - Australian aboriginal people's musical instrument Didgeridoo: Jimmy Mounier, Cello: Mandy and Sitar: Sangeet. This week’s program was produced and presented by Ehsan Ullah.