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20 years of broadcasting!!
Bangla Radio Canberra
Bangla Radio Canberra produces a community radio program that is broadcast from Canberra, Australia. The programs are usually in Bangla.  The host radio station is Canberra Community Radio 2XX that provide the studios, control panel, audio library and other services to produce and broadcast the Bangla radio programs. The weekly program can cover a diverse mix of news, features, interviews, songs, music and drama that is of interest to listeners from around the world. The main focus of the programs is to build bridges between Bangladesh and Australia and indeed the world by highlighting issues of common interest.
Bangla Radio Canberra is 20 years old now. Its listener base has now grown beyond the boundaries of Canberra, to all over Australia and the world through the Radio website on the Internet (http://www.banglaradio.org.au/) that hosts all recorded programs since 2005. Today outside Canberra and Australia, people from over forty countries around the globe listen to the Bangla Radio program regularly.
Bangla Radio Canberra is coordinated, managed and run by a team of dedicated volunteers from Bangladeshi community in Canberra and overseas. The founding coordinator of Bangla Radio Canberra was Ehsan Ullah and he has been followed by Shireen Ahmad, Sadequr Rahman, Ajoy Kar and Raquibul Sheikh. The programs are broadcast on 98.3 FM from local community radio station 2XX. Part of the expenses in running the program is met by the grants from government and contribution of the community members and program producers.
  • Raquibul Sheikh
Radio Program Producers for 2019 (in alphabetical order)
  • Adiba Ahmed
  • Adnin Zahid
  • Ehsan Ullah
  • Luna Purification
  • Jharna Purification
  • Punna Joyoti
  • Raquibul Sheikh
  • Robin Guda
  • Sadequr Rahman
  • Shampa Barua
  • Shamsuddin Shafi
  • Sheikh Lana
  • Tasneem Rahman
Technical Support Team (in alphabetical order)
  • Ehsan Ullah
  • Rajib Paul
  • Raquib Sheikh
  • Shireen Ahmad
  • Syed Asif Ali


Website Management Team (in alphabetical order)
  • Ehsan Ullah
  • Mohammad Haseeb Iqbal
  • Quazi Abdullah
Contact Details
Postal address:
GPO Box 2152, Canberra ACT 2601 Australia
Host Radio Station
Canberra Community Radio 2XX - 98.3 FM
Broadcast Time
Every Monday 8.00 to 8.30 pm
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