Bangla Radio Archive - 2018

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Megacity Dhaka and I [Photo: Bengal Classical Music Festival 2017/]
01 Jan 2018 Listen MP3

This week's program, the first of 2018, welcomed the New Year by a program compiled in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It captured the feelings of an expatriate trying to find the city and its residents as he remembered decades ago. The songs played in the program were sung by Jalali Set and Gaanchil featuring Minar Rahman. The flute piece used in the program was from a recording at the Bengal Classical Music Festival 2017 played by Pandit Ranu Majumdar. This week's program was produced and presented by Ehsan Ullah.

'Kothae Kothae Je Raat Hoey Jae' - Pulak Bandopadhay (Part 2) [Image:]
08 Jan 2018 Listen MP3

This week's program presented part 2 of the heart-warming stories behind the creation of some super-hit Bengali songs during the 1960s and 1970s as told by Pulak Bandopadhay - the lyricist, songwriter and music composer from West Bengal, India. Pulak Bandopadhay (1931?-1999) recollected the stories in his book - 'Kothae Kothae Raat Hoey Jae' - about these songs sung by popular Indian Bengali singers. This week's episode focussed on and paid tribute to singer Kishore Kumar. The songs played in the program were sung by Kishore Kumar. The narrators were Tushar Roy, Punnya Joyoti and Shampa Barua, while the technical production was by Dominic Robin Guda. This week's program was produced and presented by Shampa Barua.

Human evolution in Indian subcontinent (Science: The evolution of mankind - Part 3) [Image: Monash University Malaysia documentary/YouTube]
15 Jan 2018 Listen MP3

This week’s program presented a discussion with Prof Qasim Ayub, a human evolutionary geneticist who was part of the international 1000 genomes project consortium. He described the migration of humans from Africa about 50,000 years ago into the rest of the world and discussed the evidence of interactions with Neanderthals and Denisovians, who were similar but not identical to modern humans. He also described aspects of more recent population history of South Asia, particularly of Bangladesh and Pakistan. This week’s program, which is in English, continues the ‘Manush Elo Kotha Theke’ theme of programs broadcast on 8th Aug 2016 and 16 Oct 2017. The singer of the song played in the program was Bhupen Hazarika. This week's program was produced and presented by Sadequr Rahman.